Changing the way the world learns, Beyond academics, towards excellence

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We are Karka Kasadara Edulabs.

The name Karka Kasadara is derived from Thirukural, one of the most popular Sangam literature in Classical Tamil, which means "Flawless Learning".  As the name goes, Karka Kasadara EduLabs is a new age EdTech company focussed on K12 education ecosystem that imparts flawless learning in children. We are committed to build products from a student-first perspective. Products that are aligned to best-in-class teaching methodologies, addressing all the stakeholder behaviour in the learning eco-system and deliver a unique learning experience through an extolled feature set. We help schools and individual students with educational content and learning technologies enabling digital transformation in schools and enhancing the educational experience of students.

We offer learning programs that are effective and engaging for students across Grades 3 to 12. We also provide digital solutions and applications for Co-Scholastic areas, governance of academic institutions through custom solutions tailor made for the academic industry.

We aim to inspire a lifelong love of learning to children and young people in Higher Education segment. Our Product has been designed to explore innate thinking skills in students to build on conceptual strength, develop critical and creative thinking abilities to succeed in this competitive world.


Build edtech products that delight users and make learning irresistable to students and guarantees happy learners

thena - Create your own tests

Tests are a way to peep into a child's future.

Athena makes it easy for children to attend exciting and interactive assessments. Assessments that help honing of HOTS in students. Assessments that help in creating a complete individual and not just a student. Assessments that kindles the student mind to think beyond existing parameters.

Consolidating goals,
Intensive preparation,
Extensive practice,
Performance analysed,
Course corrected.

On the fly assessments that has a huge question bank of varying levels with instant scores and actionable analytics to evaluate academic progress.

eSheets - School Results Made Easy

The application helps you see the big picture with easy to read analytics
Generates grade sheets and consolidated report card
Cloud native
Rich User Experience
Reports & Dashboards
Access Controls and Permissions
Scalable Hosting
Security and Periodic Backups
Access your wards information

Sigaram - Many activities, one platform

Cloud and mobile based learning platform that connects teachers, students and school leaders - both in and outside the classroom
An app that is ideal for school, for better communication and learning management

Changing the way the world learns, Beyond academics, towards excellence
Getting students competition ready today - world ready tomorrow
surpassing expectations and setting milestones
Nurturing critical skills for a successful future

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